Aug 292014

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This is the first installment of many.  Each week, I will share with you something I have done that week that would not be considered “natural” by most.  Or I might even share something that I do on a daily basis that is not “natural”!!  Gasp!  The horror!

If you are a mom… or even a woman with no kids… I can almost guarantee that you beat yourself up over how you do things.  Was I a good mother today?  Should I have eaten that?  Should I have fed that to my kids??

I thought it would be great if we all entered the confessional, so to speak, and shared with one another what we do that is not quite so natural on a weekly (or maybe daily) basis.

Why would we do that?

Why tell virtual strangers on the internet what we do?

It’s simple… Two reasons:

1. So we know we aren’t alone!

2. So that people that don’t live the natural lifestyle can see that we aren’t “perfect”… we aren’t natural ALL the time.  And so they will know that doing something is better than doing nothing, because even so-called natural moms don’t get it right all the time!

The “rules” for the Confessions of a Natural Mom link up are very simple . . .

  1. Blog each week about one or more things you did that week that was not so natural.  Or share something you do all the time that is not considered natural. (Look below for some examples.)
  2. Come link up to my post every week.  I will do my best to have my post up by early Friday morning each week.  The linky will stay open until the following Thursday at 11:59PM ET, giving you the rest of the week to mess up live your life and then blog about what you did wrong what you did that might not be considered natural by yourself or others.
  3. Place the “Confessions of a Natural Mom” button inside your blog post or on your sidebar, whichever you prefer. We want people to find the link-up! You’ll find the code at the bottom of this post. (Update:  Some are having trouble copying the code for the button.  If you are not able to get it, you can just place a link in the post so people can find the link up that way.)
  4. Use the hashtag #naturalmomconfessions when promoting your posts and I’ll help you share!
  5. Please visit at least one other blog in the linky and leave a meaningful comment.

Examples of what to post about each week:

  • You brush with a mainstream toothpaste because you just love it too much to switch.
  • You ate a fast food restaurant this week.
  • You use plastic food containers at home.
  • You used disposable diapers.

The range of ways to post about this is extremely wide, so don’t feel as if anything you think of is out of the question!

Okay… So… My confession for this week…

I don’t use natural cleaning supplies in my bathrooms.  I don’t know why, but I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that the natural stuff is cleaning the soap grime from my shower and the you-know-what grime from my toilet!

I know that’s not true, but I can’t bring myself to change.  I have bought natural cleaners, but I still always wonder if it’s really doing the job.

I think in my head I think it needs to have that yucky bleach type smell or it’s not going to clean it.  Believe me… I know how dumb that sounds.  Eventually I will transfer over to all natural cleaners in my bathrooms.

Now it’s your turn!  What’s your confession for the week?


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Aug 102014

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Jul 312014
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Jul 302014
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Jul 132014
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