Feb 042016

Where Does the Fault Line Begin

My 14 year old daughter and I were discussing some fellow teenagers she knows.

One has basically had no vegetables her entire life. She seriously can’t remember the last time she had a salad. And she is unwilling to try new foods.

The other one is disrespectful towards me and in general doesn’t know the proper way to act around an adult. (We live in the South where there is definitely a “proper” way to act around adults.)

Anyway, I was trying to tell her not to blame the kids too much… That it was really the parents fault.

The parents are the ones whom didn’t make the teenager try different vegetables while growing up.

The parents are the ones whom didn’t teach the teenager how to act around an adult. And that you treat adults with a different kind of respect than your peers.

I reiterated this a few times throughout the conversation.

And then, my teenager said something that made me stop and think.

She said, “But is it really the parents fault? Or is it the parent’s parents fault? Or the parent’s parent’s parents fault? Where does the fault line begin??”


It’s these kinds of moments when I realize my kids are on this earth to teach me some things!

She’s so right, though.

Where (or when) does the fault line begin?

Better yet… Where does the fault line END?

It ends when someone owns up to their own actions and decides to do the right thing in spite of how they were raised.

They do the right thing in spite of the neighborhood they were raised in and the adults in their life.

There are many examples of people like this.

Well known people like Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) whom was born in a jail. Mark Wahlberg dropped out of school at 14, did some crime and served time in jail. And if you need more “inspiration”, there are more stories just like those at this link.

And then there are the lesser known people, like my friend Zandrya, whom overcame the inner city streets of Chattanooga.

So, what in your life are you allowing to be someone else’s fault?

End that fault line right now with you.

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Jan 152016
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Jan 112016
Beautiful Winter Hair

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