May 262016

Sunya Publishing is a brand new company that you need to take a good look at as a resource for your family.

As a member of the TOS crew, my kids and I have had the chance to review their addition and subtraction game called, Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting.

Sunya Math and Science Adding and Subtracting book and cards

Now, I will warn you, their website is only one page. It has very minimal information. But that is because they are a very new company. Be patient with them.

Just bookmark their website so you are ready to buy the games when they are ready for distribution!

Using Sunya for Math Practice

Sunya is an easy game to play, but at first glance of the instructions, you wouldn’t think so! They have made their instructions extremely detailed. Try not to let them overwhelm you. They are just very thorough and I appreciate that!

When we played the game the first time, we just took it slowly… step by step. It really was only a couple of minutes before we understood it and then my kids were hooked!

“Sunya” is a Sanskrit (from India) word, meaning “empty.” In the Sunya card game, the object is to be the first player to use up all of the cards in the hand… thus having an “empty” hand.

After someone empties their hand, they get to then ask the other players a riddle, using the question cards that are included. It’s just a fun little reward that also happens to stretch their mind!

This game is perfect for practicing math facts in a fun way!

How to Play the Game

Okay. I thought this might be hard to explain, so I decided to take pictures of my kids playing and describe it to you in pictures!

First thing you do, is set up the game. You just randomly pick out 3 number cards, an addition or subtraction sign (we are using addition for now) and an equal sign.


Now, the youngest goes first… That’s our 8 year old. (on the left)

She needs to change the number sentence using her cards. This is what she chose to do.



She was able to use 3 of her cards to make an entirely new sentence. (That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you only get to get rid of one card!)

Now it’s my son’s turn. (age 12)


He used two of his cards. He put a 3 on the first number, left the second number a 2, and put the 5 at the end, making the sentence, 3+2=5.

Now, it’s back to my daughter’s turn. And, she can’t go. There is nothing she can do with her 6 to make the sentence above correct. So, she has to draw a card from the deck.


She drew a 4. Now she has to figure out if she can make a number sentence using the 6 and 4 and one of the numbers already in the sentence above.


First, she tries the 4 in the second position.

Nope, that won’t add up to 6…


Then she moves the 4 to the first position. (Remember, the 2 was already there from the previous number sentence. You are just putting the numbers on top each time you have a turn.)


That’s it! As she is putting the 6 down, she yells “Sunya”! If she doesn’t say Sunya, and my son had caught her, she would have had to draw again and the game would continue. But since she did say it, she won the game!

I hope those visuals helped you understand how to play the game.

It truly is a simple game, but oh-so-fun!

What my kids think

My son (12 Years old) especially loves this game. He’s always asking his sisters to play it.

He even brought it to our homeschool enrichment so he could ask his Critical Thinking teacher if they could play it in class. (Which they did.)

My kids love games like this that make them think and “outwit” each other. My youngest is not as good at her math facts, so it’s harder for her. But one of the great things about the game is that you are allowed and encouraged to ask the other players for help. And, I team up with her sometimes, too.

A couple of extra notes…

– Sunya also has a multiplication/division game

– In the instruction book, there are MANY games you can play using the Sunya cards.

– Some of the variations are the make it harder or easier, depending on the ages and abilities of the players.

– Again… this company is new. As a part of the TOS crew, I am honored to be one of the first families to have this game in my house. Please be patient while they get the first sets of games published and ready for purchase!

Information at a glance:

What is this? A brand new math game from a brand new company, called Sunya Publishing!! I reviewed the addition and subtraction game, but they also have a multiplication and division game.

For whom?  Ages 7 to adult

How much is it? The price is currently not listed. I will update this post as soon as I know.


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