Mayan Mysteries {Online Game Review}

I love it when I can add game-based learning in to our home school! As a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, Dig-It! Games has given us access to a game called Mayan Mysteries (Online Game). It is a game you play on a computer.  They also have a game you play on an ipad.  If you are interested in learning about that, I highly suggest you click the banner at the end of the post to read reviews from other Schoolhouse Review Crew members.  Some of them reviewed it as well! For the [Read more...]

Horizons Math by Alpha Omega Publications

I’m blessed to be able to use new curriculum and tell you all about it and I’m happy to bring you my next review, which is a product by Alpha Omega Publications. This review is through my relationship with the TOS Review Crew.  The crew was offered many of their products for grades PreK-2nd grade. They sent me a complimentary Horizons 1st Grade Math Set. My youngest is going into 2nd grade this year, but she is a bit behind in math.  Not because of ability, per say, but because of my [Read more...]

Funtastic Unit Studies {Review}

  If you are looking for a fun, hands on approach to homeschool science, or even some science ideas for teachers in a public or private setting, I suggest checking out Funtastic Unit Studies. They have a book full of science unit studies… Aptly named Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers and Teachers. My kids and I have had the opportunity to look over the book and try it out over the last few weeks, because they sent us a complimentary copy so we could review it for you wonderful people [Read more...]

With Lee in Virginia by Heirloom Audio Productions {Review}

I always liked History when I was in school, but I know it’s not the most exciting subject for many kids (and adults!). Heirloom Audio Productions has found a way to put a little bit of fun into the subject of history! We have recently had the opportunity to review their newest audio adventure called With Lee in Virginia. We used to listen to stories on CD quite a bit when my oldest two kids were younger.  They loved them.  Then, at some point, they decided they didn’t like them [Read more...]

UnLock Math in Your Child! {Review and Coupon}

Math is one of those subjects that has moms thinking they could never homeschool, because they don’t feel confident teaching it. I get it.  I do. That’s why I’m happy there are companies like UnLock Math to help us mommas out!! Through my awesome relationship with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, UnLock Math gave me complimentary access to a full year of their UnLock Pre-Algebra curriculum! We are so blessed to be able to try out different programs so we can tell you about them.  We [Read more...]

Embrace Your Birth

This is for all you Mommas out there whom had a birth experience that didn’t go as planned. Maybe you dreamed of a home birth, but ended up in the hospital for one reason or another. Maybe once you got to the hospital, you got some things you never planned on getting… pain killers, Pitocin, ultrasound, or maybe even a c-section. Maybe you started out in the hospital and planned on having your baby naturally, with no epidural or any other intervention, but you got it anyway. Things don’t always [Read more...]

Take a Trip to Ancient Egypt with Home School in the Woods {Review}

If  you are looking for a hands on way to teach history to your kids, you definitely need to take a look at Home School in the Woods. The products are all created by the Pak family.  Mom Pak, Amy, remembered not being so fond of history in school when she was growing up.  In teaching her own kids, she was not happy with the illustrations and as a graphic designer, she was able to make new illustrations.  This created their first product, which was a set of timeline [Read more...]

Organize your LIFE with Homeschool Planet {Review}

Staying organized has always been a challenge for me. Many of you have probably seen or heard of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op site, but what you may not have known is that in addition to all the deals you can get on curriculum, you can also get organized with their online planner called Homeschool Planet. Our family got a complimentary year subscription to Homeschool Planet.  And, I have to be honest, at first, I wasn’t extremely excited about reviewing it. I have reviewed (or bought and [Read more...]

Prasso Ministries Teen Bible Study Review

Teen Prasso

It is so weird to say I have a teenager!!  She is so wonderful… responsible, caring, loving… I could go on. The challenges of a teen are many.  There are decisions around every bend. Prasso Ministries has a teen Bible study that aims to make those decisions a bit easier for them with the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and Teen Prasso Homework Manual.          My teen and I were sent complimentary copies of these books so we could work through them and tell you all about it! First [Read more...]

Using CursiveLogic You Can Teach Anyone How to Write in Cursive

CursiveLogic Review

Teaching cursive has been taken out of many, if not all, public schools in the United States. And I think it’s a shame! I still see so much value in it and so do the creators of CursiveLogic!! I’m happy to say that they saw fit to send my family a complimentary review copy of their CursiveLogic Workbook so that we could try it out and tell you all about it. Most handwriting programs, whether they be print or cursive, rely on the student to memorize the letters. CursiveLogic is [Read more...]