Sep 262014

Yes My Homeschooled Kids ARE Sheltered thumb Yes, My Homeschooled Kids Absolutely ARE Sheltered!

I know… Some of you fellow homeschoolers might be upset with me right now for perpetuating this thought process.  Bear with me… I think you will agree your kids are sheltered as well.  And it’s awesome!

Some would say it’s not good to shelter our kids.

It doesn’t prepare them for the “real” world

I would like to know HOW telling my kids that some psycho bombed random people in the middle of the Boston Marathon is somehow preparing them for the “real” world?

My kids will be in this world you speak of soon enough.

For now, can we not just let them be kids for a little while?

Can’t we let them climb trees, pick flowers for Mom that die on the kitchen table after a day, make mud pies that I pretend to eat and love, and ride bikes on our quiet street?

Telling them about a murder that happened in the next town, a pedophile and all the nasty things he/she does, or the wars and killing going on in other countries around the world will not help them deal with the real world as an adult.

In fact, I argue it will do the opposite.

What if we tell our kids so much at a young age that when they grow to be adults, they are numbed.  They watch the news and nothing shocks them.

We are shocked by some of the things that are going on in our world because some of it is so new to us.  As Americans, we have never had to deal with bombings in our own country.  We have never had a fear of death over declaring we will not denounce God.

There has always been murder, rape and pedophiles, but because of the news on 24 hours a day and social media, we hear about it much more today.

I fear it is numbing us all.

I am choosing not to numb my children.

They are going to find out sometime anyway.

Yes, I suppose you are right.  They will find out sometime.  For now, though, I want their biggest concern to be if I am really going to make them eat the disgusting vegetable on their plate.

I want them to be shocked to hear these stories when they are my age.  I don’t want them to just shrug their shoulders and keep flipping through the channels when a news story comes on tv.

I want a bombing to shock them to their very core.  I want it to ruin their day because so many lives were lost for nothing.

When they hear about a woman that is kidnapped… and then later it is found out that she was raped and tortured… I want that to bother them.  I want them to fall to their knees and immediately pray for that poor girl’s family.  I want them to be better than me and I pray they also remember to pray for the kidnappers.

My kids are 6, 10 and almost 13.  None of them know of rape.  None know of pedophilia.  None know about the Boston Marathon bomb.  None know about any of the school shootings.

Some will say I am sheltering my children by keeping all that from them.

To those people, I say, “You’re darn right, I am!”

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Aug 102014

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