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If you are a Dave Ramsey fan like I am than you have undoubtedly heard of the game Wits and Wagers.  He is a big promoter of the game.  The game is produced by North Star Games.

So, here’s how you play the game: Someone reads a question, like, “What percentage of men are gooberheads?” (I totally made that question up… please don’t be mad at North Star Games.)  After hearing the question, everyone guesses at the answer.  Once everyone has written down their guess, they reveal their guess to everyone else.  Now, here’s the fun part.  Now you get to pick which guess you think is correct and you don’t have to pick your own answer.  So even if you never guess correctly, if someone else does, and you pick their answer, then you get points!  Make sense?

I hope that made sense.  If not, just take my word for it and get it for your family.  One thing that’s important to note is that all the answers will be numbers.  And, some of the questions are downright impossible to know the answer.  You literally have to just guess, and that’s okay.

We played Wits and Wagers as a family.  So, it was myself, my husband and my oldest 2 kids, who are 7 and 9.  It was a bit frustrating for my 7 year old to play on his own.  He didn’t like that he never answered correctly.  He didn’t care that he might have picked the right answer that someone else did, which would give him points.  So, the next time we played, he and I were on a team and that worked perfectly and hopefully, the more we play, the more he will learn about educated guesses.

Information at a glance:

Who can play: Ages 8 and up

How many: For 3 or more players

Where can I get it: You can get it online and at national retailers




Disclaimer: My family was given a Wits and Wagers game in order to facilitate this review.

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    I suspect my 8 year old would be frustrated by not knowing the answers too, glad you found a way to work around that!


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