Great Way to Take Advantage of Organic Grapes on Sale!

At the end of grape season around here, the organic grapes go on sale for around the same price as the conventionally grown grapes.  Grapes are on the ‘Dirty dozen, which is a list of foods with the most pesticides.  I do not buy these foods unless they are organic.  Organic grapes are super expensive!!  Subsequently, we don’t buy grapes very often.

So, when organic grapes go on sale, I will buy A LOT of them.  I wash them and put them in baggies and put them in the freezer.


When your kids (or you) are ready for a snack, but take the bag out, put some in a bowl and put the bag back in the freezer.


My kids love them this way, hopefully yours will too.


4 thoughts on “Great Way to Take Advantage of Organic Grapes on Sale!

  1. I have never really given much thought to grapes having such a large amount of pesticides. Thanks for informing me. There are times that organic are a great price and I will stock up on them. I love the frozen grape idea, we have never tried that.


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