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Stuffed Green Pepper with No Rice

Stuffed green peppers can be super easy.  It’s a pretty healthy meal, too, if you buy grass fed ‘organic’ ground beef.

Here’s the recipe… hope you enjoy!


  • 3 green peppers
  • 1/2 onion
  • 4-6 cloves garlic (depending on how garlic crazy you are… I used 6)
  • 1 lb. ground beef
  • small or big can of diced tomatoes (I will explain in the directions why you have a choice)
  • 6 oz. bag Italian cheese or mozzarella cheese

Okay, so what are you going to do with all that??  Well, first throw your beef in a pan and cook it up with some salt and pepper.

While that’s cooking, go ahead and cut up your onion and garlic.


This picture actually has an entire onion in it, but I had to put some of it away for another time, so your onion won’t take up so much space. :)

Okay, while you were cutting up your onion and garlic, you were stirring your beef in the pan, right?? No?  Well, go do it!!  If it’s done cooking, you can just go ahead and turn off the burner and save it.  No need to keep it hot, it will warm up in a bit.

Now is the time to turn on your oven to 350.

Now, go ahead and chop off the tops of the green peppers and take the veins/seeds out.  Then you will cut the green pepper in half like so:


Then, take them and put them in a baking dish like so:


Yes, I realize there are more than 3 green peppers in this dish.  Mine were super tiny from the farmer’s market, so I used 4 instead.  The whole one will go to the man of the house. ;)

At this point, you are free to put all the goodies in the peppers.  Start with the beef.  Here is where all OCD tendencies have to be thrown out the window.  In fact if you have severe OCD, you may not even want to look at the next picture or continue on with this recipe.  If that’s the case, I’m sorry and you will be missed.


You will put the beef in each green pepper half, but if it’s all overlapping, don’t worry about it.

Next, put an even amount of onion and garlic on each.  Use your best judgment on each.  I used about 1/2 onion for what you see here and 6 large cloves of garlic.

Note: This was VERY garlicky… if you aren’t a big garlic fan, DO NOT use 6 cloves.  Definitely go with 4.


Okay, now, moving on to the next ingredient… tomatoes.

Here is where you get to decide between the small can and the large can.  If you use the small can, you will spoon out tomatoes and put them evenly on the green peppers like so:


If you want the meal to be more juicy and tomatoey (yes, it’s a word… it’s in my dictionary, I’ll have to let you borrow it.), then use a big can of tomatoes.  You will still spoon it out evenly, there will just be more. :)

In either scenario, you will poor the juices out onto the peppers once you are done putting the tomatoes on them.


Now, you put the bag of mozzarella cheese on top.  If you don’t want it too cheesy, you can just use as much or as little as you prefer.


As you can see, I had no issues using the entire bag. :)

At this point, you can go ahead and put it in your preheated oven (350).  Set your timer for 20 minutes.

Okay, now while it’s cooking, go write up the recipe in a blog post… oh wait, that’s me.

You can do whatever you want in this time.  I suggest… RELAX!

After 20 minutes, check on it.  If the cheese is melted, you are good to go.  Take it out and enjoy.  I prefer to have some brown cheese thoroughly cooked and baked onto the side of the dish so I can pick it off and eat it by itself.  Don’t judge me.  So, I let mine cook for 30 minutes.


Some may say this looks overcooked.  I say it looks YUM!

Once you start dishing out everyone’s plates, you will see all the juicy wonderfulness.


It’s not the most pretty meal on a plate, but it is super yummy and *mostly* good for you. :)

Stuffed Green Peppers

What do you like to put in your stuffed green peppers?  I’m not sure you could convince me to change the way I make them, cause we LOVE them, but I’m open to new ideas! :)


This recipe was shared at Delicious Dish Tuesday!


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    I loved the stuffed peppers w/o rice. I added a little twist to it. I used the tips of the green peppers and orange and yellow peppers with shopped onions and fire roasted tomatoes with diced tomatoes in the Hamburger meat. I sautéed everything then added the beef and shredded cheddar cheese. Let simmer. poured ingredients in half peppers and poured the 1/2 can each of tomatoes on top of peppers then added the mozzarella cheese. Put in oven at 375 for 30 minutes. And wallaw. Delicious. Thank you.


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!!



    I loved the way you wrote this recipe. You have a great sense of humor and I am sure we would be best friends if we ever met!


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Haha! Thank you!! I’m sure we would!!



    Just reading the recipe was a pleasure…love your sense of humor!! Now I better try to create this . Wish me luck!!


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    :) Good luck!



    I Googled Stuffed Pepper recipes, and came across this one. I liked it best, out of all I found, because I liked your comments in the directions. :) And it looked really good in the picture. Not all *perfect* like some of the others. Your pics made me hungry. haha So, I made it!! I even cut them in half, instead of messing with trying to get them to stand up straight in the oven. They are fabulous! I enjoyed every bite! Except, now that we are done eating, and I came back to write this, and saw the pics again, I wish I had used a little more cheese. So, I too, could eat the cheese out of the pan!!! Other than that, they were perfect!!


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you found it. We actually have this meal on our meal plan this week. It is definitely a staple. And, yes, next time add more cheese and “accidentally” get some on the sides of the pan… you will have no choice but to eat it since it doesn’t belong to a pepper! ;)

    P.S. If you like food that doesn’t look perfect, then you have found the right blog! lol



    Luv your wit!
    ~ Gonna give these bad boys a go here in about 20! Thanks for the receipt!! ;)


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Why thank you! Clearly, I was in a snarky mood when I wrote this recipe. ;) Let me know how you like the stuffed peppers!



    These are great and I love that the cheese gets all browned on the top! Thanks so much for sharing with Delicious Dish Tuesday. I am featuring this as my favorite recipe from last week! :)


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Thanks Amanda! I was out of town until today and away from internet access, so I’m just now finding out you featured this recipe! :)



    I wonder if this recipe could be adapted for a vegetarian like myself? Maybe using black beans in place of the meat?


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    That might be really tasty, actually! Let me know how it goes if you try it. We might have to do it with black beans every now and then if yours turns out good! :)



    That looks so delicious (especially with all the cheese, hehe!). I’ve had a variety of types of stuffed peppers but have never made them myself. I’ll have to add this to my growing “try soon” list. :)



    Oh, this looks yummy. My cheese-aholic daughters would go bananas over this! Thanks for the recipe!



    This looks tasty and we haven’t had stuffed peppers in a while. I’d replace the beef with with that ground meat veggie substitute stuff because we don’t eat beef but everything else looks great!



    This brings back childhood memories! My mom used to make something like this all the time, except she added rice and mushrooms! It looks delicious!


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