How To Paint a Witch Face For Halloween

Is your daughter going to be a witch this year for Halloween and you have no idea how to paint her face?  Or, maybe you didn’t even plan on painting her face because you thought it would be too hard.

Here’s an easy tutorial for you to follow to do a witch face:

Have you child already in her witch outfit so that you don’t mess up your handy work or get paint on the costume when putting it over her head.

  1. Pull hair back with a headband.
  2. Use a makeup sponge (or your fingers, if you don’t have a makeup sponge) to put green face paint over the entire face.  (There are non toxic face paints you can use.)

Pics 293

3. Next you will paint a curved line over her eyebrows to coincide with her own eyebrow, then make some curved lines off of the top of that line like so:

Pics 297

4. I don’t have a picture of this step all by itself, but at this point, you will have your child close her eyes and you will put black paint on her top eyelid, just as you would eyeliner, and then extend it out a little past her eyebrow.  (you will see it in the next picture)

5. Now you are ready to put some cobwebs on the witch’s face like so:

Pics 298

6. Your final steps are to use the black paint or eyeliner to line the witch’s lips and the crease in her smile (between the corner of her lips and cheek.  See picture for clarification).  For the smile crease, start on her nose and go down from there.

Pics 299

Alright, you are done!

There is your finished scary (pretty) witch!

Now, get her hat on, if she has one, and go have fun scaring people!

Pics 324

P.S. One thing to notice about this witch face is that all the lines don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to be an artist for this to be a success!  Just have fun with it.


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