Where Do You Put Your Baby While Grocery Shopping? {Wordful Wednesday}

There were some girls in one of my Facebook groups complaining about mommas who put their infants in the seat part of shopping carts in their infant seat.  This is something, I will have to admit, I didn’t know it was a bad thing when my kids were that age.

All our infant seats had a clip that put them securely (or so I thought) into that part of the shopping cart where a big kid would sit. What I learned from these girls, though, is that even though you think it is ‘clicked’ in to the shopping cart, that is not what it is meant to do.  Therefore, the seat is not secure and you could be putting your kids in harms way.

I heard some not so fun stories about some of them who had done this before they knew better and their kids car seats flipped over onto the ground and upside down with their babies in it! Fortunately, their babies were buckled in and still small enough that the car seat protected them, but it could have been a different story.

The car seat can cause the shopping cart to become unbalanced and flip the whole thing.

So, the suggestion is to carry your baby in a carrier or put them in the big part of the cart.

It just so happens that right before they had this conversation, I took this picture:


She enjoyed being covered by the groceries. It was like a game.

Of course, if she were an infant in an infant car bucket type car seat, the food would just have to go all around her.

I highly suggest just using a carrier like an ergo or something similar.  I always found it was easier to go shopping when the kids were on me and happy. :)

Most of the time, I carried my kids, but there were definitely times when they were in their infant bucket seat in the seat of the shopping cart.

Anyway, I hope that I have helped someone here that, like me, didn’t necessarily know that putting your kids in the bucket seat in the seat of the shopping cart was a potentially dangerous thing to do.


11 thoughts on “Where Do You Put Your Baby While Grocery Shopping? {Wordful Wednesday}

  1. Vicki @ Happy Green Mama

    Thanks Nicole for this post and the comments. I think many of us should do a post like this. I also don’t believe we were being catty, just commenting on a sighting of an infant seat in the seat part of the shopping cart and how many of us have done this without knowing it’s dangerous. Not judging anyone just horrified that there has been no public safety warning against this practice! I myself did this with my first baby, not knowing any better. Always felt nervous about it and switched to the basket part with baby #2, the stroller, or babywearing.
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  2. Lori

    No , I didn’t mean your post. I meant how some women sit around and criticize how others parent as a whole. I didn’t mean to direct it toward you. Please accept my humble apologies. Sometimes the things I “say” just don’t come out right. :)


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    Apology accepted. The internet can cause many misunderstandings. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)


  3. Candice

    How is saving kids from harm catty? Do you WANT your cart to tip over and seriously injure or kill you child? If so Roe v. Wade still stands you do not have to have children if you aren’t willing to do everything to protect them. Do you hate holding your kid or something? Really putting baby in a wrap or non crotch dangling carrier is much easier than hauling a heavy car seat in to the store. Just sayin…put that in your pipe and smoke it catty lady.


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    lol… you’re my kind of spunky. Lori has clarified her original comment. She wasn’t referring to the post. Thanks for having my back though! :)


  4. Melanie

    I raised 6 kids with setting the infant seat in the grocery cart seat without any problem. Now I didn’t leave the cart out, nor let other kids ride on it. I hated that darn clip thing as I would crush my fingers to unhook it at sometimes. I rather do this than use the infant carriers provided with their mass germs on them. Carrying the baby is definitely first choice!


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    I’m with you. I did the same with my 3 kids. And, thankfully, nothing happened. I also agree those infant carriers provided by the grocery stores are a bit gross. When I said infant carrier, I meant something you wear so you can carry your baby.


  5. Lori coupons

    Isn’t that being a bit judgemental and catty? Just sayin’…..


    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural Reply:

    I don’t understand how my post could be considered judgmental and catty. I clearly stated in the post that I put my own kids in their infant seat in the seat part of the shopping cart. I have since learned that may not be the safest place for babies, so I wanted to share with my readers what I had learned. I’m not judging anyone.


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