Some Call It Natural 2017 Planner
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Some Call It Natural Undated Planner


You will receive the following as a digital download as soon as you purchase, so you will be able to start using your new planner immediately!

  • 2017/2018 year at a glance
  • Monthly pages with inspirational quotes
  • 2 page weekly layout with places for notes, menu planning, goals, and daily tasks
  • Lined note pages
  • Blank note page
  • 145 PDF downloadable pages

Product Description

Are you an avid label reader?

Did you nurse your children?

Do you make most of your meals from scratch?

Do you get labeled as natural, crunchy, granola, or some other term that indicates you live a life that is a bit different than the stereotypical person?

You will LOVE this planner!

There are healthy living, inspirational quotes on each month and most of the weeks have phrases that start with “Some call it natural” and ends with “I call it normal”.

For example:

“Some call it natural if you make your own household cleaners … I call it normal.”

“Some call it natural if you don’t allow your kids (or yourself) to use antibacterial hand sanitizer … I call it normal.”

“Some call it natural if your child has never tasted soda/pop and juice is a treat … I call it normal.”

(Look at the pictures in the gallery above to see what they look like)

Natural is normal!

So many people feel that doing the things listed above (and throughout the planner) are things only “natural” people do… It’s not necessarily “normal”.

I’m here to tell you, natural IS normal!

The way my family and many families live is normal.

Choosing toothpaste without fluoride added is normal. Toothpaste isn’t supposed to have fluoride!

Choosing to eat foods from the earth, not from a lab, is normal.

With this planner, you will get constant reminders, that you are normal.

What is normal, anyway!?? Who gets to decide?

The planner covers a wide variety of topics, and as such, it is possible that some of the quotes won’t apply to you. That’s okay, because we are all different and on our own journey. Some of us had our babies at home and others didn’t. That’s okay. Some of us make our own beauty products/toothpaste/cleaners, etc. and other don’t. That’s okay, too.

We are all on our own path. I hope this planner helps you along that path this year and keeps you headed in the direction you see yourself.


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